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Thank you for stopping my little place on the Internet! I am a special needs mom, maybe you are too! If not, welcome, I would love to show you what our lives are about! All of our stories are unique, but yet, so alike. It can be so refreshing to hear stories here that are maybe like your own. And even if they aren’t, as a “special needs” mom, you just get it. I hope I can provide you with a little bit of inspiration, guidance, or just tell you what you need to hear – whether that is good or bad! Let’s be friends and laugh, cry, and love one another! I would love to hear about your story!

In July of 2019, I discovered I was going to be expecting a baby! I am not a person that enjoys pregnancy…except for the food – bring me all the food. (Yes, I know this is not healthy). Come November, it was time for our 20-week ultrasound. During the ultrasound, it was quiet, the Tech kept asking if I was seeing the doctor afterward. Instantly, you get a feeling that something isn’t right. When it was time to see the doctor, it was quick. You could tell there must have been someone in labor (small-town hospital), but he didn’t say much, and I went on my way. Later that day, I had a missed phone call from the hospital. No message was left, and I knew something was up. When I got a phone call back, I was informed my unborn baby had a significant heart defect. After months of appointments, we learned our baby had Tricuspid Atresia, which falls under the umbrella of Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome. Little did I know where this journey was going to lead us. It has been a heck of a crazy ride.
Sometimes it is rewarding, other times so exhausting, and it can even be depressing.

Just a little bit about our little family! Jeremy and I have three daughters. Mayta (said May-da), Lucy, and Adeline. Yes, Dad is outnumbered. This is very different for him, considering he grew up in a home of mostly boys! He is a good sport, though! Jeremy works with his Dad, where they farm crops, hogs, and beef cattle. There is always something to do on the farm! Jessi (Me!) grew up on a dairy farm (as did Jeremy), and is a former numbers gal. Now I spend my time being a busy stay-at-home mom due to Adeline’s needs.
Mayta is currently in 4th grade and absolutely loves reading, school, and horses. Lucy is our free spirit pre-preschooler and loves almost everything except spiders and mashed potatoes.

Again, welcome! It is such a treat to have you here to visit.
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