My First 2-Week Meal Plan Shopping Trip

Ok, I am excited, I’m sold!!!

Lately, I told you how I did my first meal plan for 2 weeks.  It wasn’t terrible to plan out, took about an hour, but let me tell you, every minute has been worth it so far!

After I did my meal plan shopping list, I added things to the list: diapers, lunch meat, cleaning supplies and all sorts of other random things…

So, last night the whole family jumped in the Ford and we went to Aldi’s and Walmart(and I made the man-friend take us out for supper-duh).  Let me tell you, it is so weird going shopping knowing exactly what you need to buy for the next two week.  I wasn’t walking around the store trying to see if there would be some options for meals for the next week.  Shopping for as much as we did took less time than I would have expected it to.

*Another Win*

The best part, after all of my shopping, I came in under-budget…and I bought a lot of stuff.  I bought almost $50 worth of diapers and still came in under my normal grocery budget for two weeks!!!  *WIN*

On a side note, I normally budget $125/week for our family of four’s groceries.  That also typically is just food, not many other things such as cleaning products, baby supplies, etc.  That is probably a high budget for a family of four, but for someone without a plan, it is probably average.

I now know that meal planning will be worth it just for the money it saved me.  After adding up all of my families food purchases,

I saved a week’s worth of grocery’s.  Now, I just did a job that made me $125 in exchange for an hour of my time.

SOLD. (can you tell I am excited?…)



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