Getting Back On Track With Goals & Resolutions

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You know that feeling-the one wondering what happened?

You were so excited and ready to challenge yourself with your new goals.

Well, life happened.  Maybe you ate chocolate and your diet was done for.  Or, maybe you decided not to get up one morning to work out and that same thing happened every single morning after that.

Sound Familiar?

If so, you are not alone, I fell off the boat too.


Life Happened

Halfway through December, I was so excited to start my happiness project!  I had everything mapped out and I couldn’t wait to start. I had a clear start date, January 1st(not because of the New Year stuff, but rather it was the next month).  Then, towards the end of December, I had a job interview.  I was so memorized by it all- the job description seemed so exciting to me.  The only thing that was holding me up was the pay.  I had to take a significant pay cut and had a commute that would be almost 45 minutes.  But, when does it become more about enjoying your job and not about money?

Anyways, I was going through a very difficult process of deciding what to do in that situation.  Then, my family had gone on vacation for Christmas and it did not go well.  I know family vacations are really anything but “vacations” when you have small kids, but, add in that one of our children has special needs and it gets a lot more difficult.  I was already stressed by the job situation, but then something that was supposed to be fun was just turning into added stress.

Needless to say, I have gotten off track.

Many people fall off the boat, but how many get back on after they fall off? Over 90 percent don’t get back on track.

But, what if you want to be different?  What do you have to do to get back on track?

The Answer is:

Revisit your goals or resolutions and look at the following things:

  1. Do you have truly attainable goals/resolutions or are you setting yourself up for failure right outta the gates?

    • It is important -a must- to set big goals.  Keep in mind if they are too big and need to be attained quickly for you to feel successful you are setting yourself up for failure.  Instead of saying I am going to eat healthy from now on, allow yourself some wiggle room so you do not immediately feel overwhelmed.  For the first month, maybe try eating healthy 80 percent of the time versus all the time.  then, the next month, try eating healthy 85 percent of the time, etc.  If you leave yourself this wiggle room, you will not feel so crushed if you slip up.
  2. Do you have your goals/resolutions clear enough to know what you are working towards?

    • Try to be very specific in what you are trying to attain.  Being specific not only gives you guidelines for what you need to do but also doesn’t allow as much room for you to lie to yourself.  Let’s say you want to work out more.  Set specific numbers in your goals and resolutions such as working out 5 times a week for at least 20 minutes.  If you leave the goal or resolution too broad, maybe one time a week is technically more than you were working out…  Don’t leave the door open to make excuses too easy.
  3. Do you have steps laid out to reach your goals/resolutions?

    • If you can break your big goals/resolutions into smaller goals/resolutions, you can feel more accomplished.  Feeling more accomplished = more adrenaline to get it done.  Let’s say you are trying to pay off some credit card debt.  If you start by paying the credit card that has the smallest balance you will feel empowered when you get the first credit care paid off.  This should hopefully get you excited enough to charge onto the next one.
  4. Do your goals/resolutions align with wants/needs?

    • Maybe you need to scrap what your goals/resolutions were and start over from scratch.  Maybe you need to revisit your goal/resolutions and how to attain them.  Let’s say you had a goal/resolution to travel more this year, but your bank account is saying something much different!  Perhaps you will need to make more of an immediate goal of saving or budgeting better so in the future you can travel more.

Have you fallen off track with your goals and resolutions and are ready to get back on track?  What things do you need to change to be successful this time?


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