How To Make A Vision Board For Goal Setting

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At the end of January, many people feel frustrated with the lack of progress on their goals.  I know I am one. But, what if we are approaching it wrong?

These are the things that many people say you need in order to be successful in reaching your goals.  I do believe that all of them play an important role and the top 3 I found were:

  • Find an accountability partner
  • Write your goals down on paper
  • Do frequent check-ins

Again, all these things are important for many reasons, but they are missing the visual effect…

vision board

Most people are visual learners, so why not use this to our advantage?


Make A Vision Board!

Vision boards are used to help a person see their ideas.  Having a vision board will help you see your goals and will help you attain what you envision for yourself.  These goals can be as small as buying a pair of shoes you haven’t given yourself permission to spend money on.  Or, goals may even be as large as being debt free or having a large house on the countryside.  Whatever these goals may be, your vision board will be an area in which you collect them.

How Do I Get Started On a Vision Board?

The first thing to do when putting together your vision board is to sit down and think about your goals.  What are they? WHY do you have those goals.  (PS-this is an extremely important step-the why.  It will give you the drive when things are hard! Try to be as specific and “deep” as possible!)

After you have your goals either wrote out or in your head, it is time to get supplies to make your vision board.  You can put your vision board on a poster board, do a journal or do it electronically.  Also, find pictures in magazines and off the internet to make your vision board a visual as possible! 😉  Do what is best for you and your wallet.

What Is The Best Format For a Vision Board?

    • Poster Board– This is the best option if you want to see your goals(hopefully every day) in addition to others potentially seeing it.   This may be a good option if you need accountability and you have some extra money in the budget.  This option could get expensive depending on how crafty you want to get with it.
    • Journal– Doing this would be great for someone who is very artistic or enjoys the therapeutic feeling of writing.  This is a fairly cheap option but may be more time-consuming depending on the format you choose.  This would make a great keepsake and it is easy to carry around with you.
    • Electronically- This would probably be the cheapest and quickest option.  Find pictures on the internet and copy and paste them into a word processing document.  Print out the board and either put it in a spot that you can see, or take a picture to keep on the wallpaper of your cell phone.  I highly recommend keeping a picture on the wallpaper given the fact that most of us do not even use the bathroom without bringing our phones with.

Maintaining Your Vision Board(s)

After you complete your vision board(s), it is important to keep them in a spot where you can see them frequently!!  It is important as well as encouraging to see what you are working so hard for.

Another important thing to do with your vision board(s) is to revisit them on a regular basis.  The things you should look for on these vision board(s) are:

  • Are the “visions” still relevant to your goals?
  • Have your goals matured into new, better goals?
  • Have you reached some of the goals?

Update your vision boards at least quarterly to make sure they are current with where you want to go!

Now, Take Action!

What will your vision boards look like?!  Do you prefer to do a poster board, a journal or do them “electronically”?


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