My Happiness Project-Month One

My Happiness Project – A New Ending -Month One

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Happiness Project Month One

For the first month of my Happiness Project -A New Ending, I wanted to focus on getting myself into a good spot before conquering other big to do’s. I felt by doing so would allow me to be in the right state of mind for when things get tough. (If you still haven’t read about The Happiness Project- A New Ending, check it out here. and here.)

For the Happiness Project – A New Ending’s first month, January, I am going to work on:

Gaining My Sanity Back

When listing this theme, I know it is something I want to attain by doing the whole project.  The thing is, there are many things I can need to start doing for my own self-care.  There are also things I want to do around the home to help me feel more calm and peaceful internally.

My Resolutions:

  1. Exercise for 30 Minutes a Day, 5 Times a Week

    • I am a rare being that actually enjoys working out.  What I do not enjoy about exercising is making the time to exercise.  I know that my mood and body feel so much better when I exercise, even if I am extremely tired.  I also find that I am able to accomplish so much more in my day because I started it off right.  My favorite workout programs are from Fitness Blenders, they provide free videos of workouts you can do in your own home.  If you are like me and need a little direction, they also sell fairly cheap workout programs.  They are worth every penny and have something for everyone.  I am hoping I can make this a habit that sticks!
  2. Create a Sunday Basket

    • I was introduced to the Sunday Basket on my favorite podcast, Biz Chix. This is such a great concept that I think 95% of the population could use.  Lisa at Organize 365 came up with the concept after she had her children.  In a nutshell, you have a basket in your home where you keep ALL of your loose papers. Every. Single. Paper.  Then you choose a night of the week to go through these papers and “deal” with them.  Whether it is mail, coupons, receipts or a form to fill out it school, put it in the basket.  I feel as though this task will help me stay on top of things better in my home in addition to cutting down on some clutter.
  3. Speaking of Clutter…Declutter!!

    • January is a great time to declutter!  Not only will I need to make room for all the gifts we received at Christmas, but we will probably be home more.  Since my family and I are in our home more in the cold(Minnesota) winter months, I would prefer we have somewhere nice to relax and play.  I hope that through my decluttering I can put things aside for my first ever garage sale as well as donate items.  Win-Win
  4. Take 30 Minutes a Day For Myself

    • I am finding I really need some time during the day for myself, and I think many people would agree(that they need it too).  So every day I intend on taking 30 minutes for myself.  For me, things that I count as time for myself are things like taking a bath, reading a book, updating my planner, coloring or keeping a journal.
  5. Do Important, But Un-Fun Tasks

    • These are more those tasks that have been nagging at me for a while.  I need to get a will set up, be sure I have enough life insurance in place and am saving enough for retirement.  None of these tasks will be fun, but they are so important to have in place!
  6. Choosing The Healthier Choice-80% of The Time

    • Yes, I am not making any gradual changes when it comes to my health!!  Although, I find that when I am working out, it is so much easier for me to make better choices in regards to eating. After working out so hard, I do not want my efforts “wasted” so I typically make better choices.   Also, choosing to eat better 80% of the time leaves me some wiggle room so I do not have to be “good” ALL the time.  Lastly, I have really noticed in the last year how much better I feel when I choose to eat what I should rather than the junk food I want.  After eating the food I should for a while, I also notice that I quit craving the junk food as often.
  7. Paint The House

      • The thing is, I HATE painting with a passion!!  It has almost been two years since we moved into our home.  The walls are currently filled with holes from where pictures once were in addition to stains I cannot get off the wall(yuck!).  I am hoping our home will reflect us better and feel more “homey.” I am going to tackle this task over the next few months in hopes to be done by Easter.

How I Plan To Track


There are many ways to track progress on resolutions, and I have decided on two different ones.  When first planning my Happiness Project-A New Ending, my mind went instantly to Excel.  The only thing is, I do not currently have Excel(I know, right?!).  I do know myself well enough to know what I need to stay on track.  The two things I intend on using is an app called Productive-Habit Tracker(available in the App Store) and good old fashion paper/pencil checklist that I got from Erin Condren. (PS-I love her stationary and planners!)  The Productive-Habit Tracker will give me reminders of what I need to do every day as they come do(ex. morning, afternoon).  I also know I need a backup, so I am going to use the paper version to have another checklist.  I know this seems like overkill, but it is important for me.  The paper version will let me just look quickly and feel as though I am accomplishing something.  The app will give me the daily reminders on its own so I am not tempted to stash the paper and make excuses.

Ready to jump in with me?

What resolutions are you making?



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