Personal Chef, Maid, Nanny or Personal Shopper

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If you had to choose a personal chef, maid, nanny or personal shopper, which one would you choose?

Maybe your nights are crazy, so you would prefer a personal chef.  Maybe you weekends are already jam-packed with activities and it would be so helpful to have someone clean the toilets.  Or, having a nanny to watch your kids for just a few hours so you can go to the grocery store alone(and actually save money).  A personal shopper-enough said, how amazing would it be to not have to shop for clothing and/or groceries?!

What if I told you that these things are maybe more attainable and affordable than you thought?

I know that maybe doesn’t sound possible, but there are ways to have these things if you change your thinking about them!  If one of the options do not appeal to you, check out one of the others.    One thing to keep in mind with all of the options is this: Are there things you could cut out of your life to have things you would rather have?  For example, maybe try skipping getting take out one night for the extra funds to pay for something you would rather have! Another thing to keep in mind, what is your time worth?  You can’t buy time, but you can buy things that free up more of it.

Ways to “have” a Personal Chef

The good news is that there are ways to make it seem like you have a personal chef even when you don’t.  I am going to challenge your thinking about it a little!

  • Boxed Meals are everywhere.  These meals make it seem like you are a gourmet cook!  You get fresh ingredients and use foods that you would probably not have purchased on your own.  The best part about it is that you do not have to do any of the shopping!  Pick what you want to make and have it show up to your door.  You may have to cook it yourself, but it makes you look like a stellar cook! If you are really lucky, you convince another person in the house to do the dishes!
    • I personally have used Blue Apron and Love it!! I did a review here, and it was not sponsored 🙂
    • Many grocery stores now sell these same type of meals-everything is included in the package except basic things such as olive oil and salt/pepper.
    • There are other boxed meal subscriptions such as Hello Fresh, Home Chef, Plated, and Dinnerly.  Although, personally I have not tried any of these services with the exception of the Blue Apron. (Have you? I would love to hear about it below!)

Another Option

  • Freezer Meals are crazy helpful!  These can help you feel as though you have a personal chef because of how easy it is to get dinner on the table! Just pull the meal out of the freezer the day before, pop it in the oven(day of), set the table and dinner will be ready in about one hour without another thought!  Plus, if you spend one day making them, you can have freezer meals for a whole month!! Now, talk about a time saver!
    • There are some community education classes where you go and make freezer meals.  All you do is show up and get “cooking.”
    • Jamerrill is the queen of freezer cooking, but with the size of her family, she has to be!!  Check out the recipes she uses for freezer cooking here!  Also, she is all about easy 🙂

Maid/Home Cleaner

Having a maid would be awesome! Even though I like to clean, I have been thinking more and more lately that I would LOVE to have someone come in to do a nice, deep clean.  But, what if getting a maid is more affordable then you thought?

  • Maybe there is a small-time cleaner in your area that charges really reasonable rates for weekly, biweekly or monthly cleanings.  Some home cleaners also provide their own cleaning supplies, which would cut down on an expense for you.
  • has people listed on their website of people who do cleanings in your area.  When I searched people in my area, I actually knew some of them.  That helped give me a piece of mind of who is coming into my home!
  • Maybe there is a family member or a college/high school student in the area that is looking for some extra money.  This would be a very cost-effective way to get your home cleaned!

If you do choose to have someone come in and clean, but sure to be direct with them immediately if you do not like the way they do something.  First of all, you are paying them for the service, make sure they are doing it to your standards!  Second, if you can tell quickly that you are not impressed, do not let it go on longer than it needs to!  The longer the band-aid stays on, the harder it is to rip it off!


There are many ways to have a nanny, and how helpful is that?  What would you do with that extra time on a Saturday morning since running errands would take HALF the time it normally would?

  • Again, offers qualified candidates that are willing to watch your children.  Most of the nannys are very experienced as well as trained in first aid.  If you are still unsure, you can even have background checks done on them.  If you have a regular nanny(from, you can put them on a payroll through the website.
  • Try to find a friend where you can swap kids every other Saturday morning(or whatever day works best for you).  This would allow you to run errands that you would typically have to bring your kids.  Or, you could use this time for some self-care, cleaning or catching up on work.  It also allows your children to have some play time with friends.
  • In the summer, find a high schooler or college student to watch your kids.  Depending on what you pay your summer nanny, other things could be expected of them such as helping with general cleaning, planning school-like activities, and helping get your kids to activities.

Things to Consider

I personally feel as though there should be a firm understanding of the rules for your nanny.  Some of these rules could include no cell phones or social media during work hours, no pictures of your children on social media unless previously discussed, no friends are allowed to visit during work hours, etc.  Being straightforward helps get everyone on the same page of what is expected.

Personal Shopper

If you are like me, shopping for clothes is like a punishment!  I love grocery shopping but dislike any other kids of shopping-I find if overwhelming.  But, nowadays there are ways to have someone do all kinds of shopping for you!

Grocery Shopping

  • Many grocery stores offer to do shopping for you these days!  Some even deliver depending on the city you live in, if you are a senior citizen or are disabled and the size of your order.  It is very easy to go through and pick out what you would like online.  If the store is out of something you wanted, they will typically replace it with something of equal or greater value!  Many people are worried about the produce they will receive.  Will the store shopper pick something they would, or will they pick something they need to get rid of?  Good News!  Many of the people that have used this service have been very pleased with the items the shopper chose for them.  Some stores that offer this service(free of charge) are:


  • There are many companies that will now send you clothes in the mail that are personally selected just for you.  How great is that?  For someone like me, who is VERY fashionably out of touch, this is a great service!
    • Stitch Fix is the first company that comes to mind for me when I think of these kinds of services.  But, did you know they also have stitch fix for plus size, maternity, petite, men and a premium line?
    • Twirl Trunk is also a clothing service for women.  You can purchase the Twirl Trunk for $20 and it is shipped to your door with 5 clothing items.  You will get a discount if you buy 3 items, and the discount increases when you purchase more items!
    • Le Tote Classic lets you rent clothes that are currently in style.  You pay depending on how many pieces of clothes you want and it starts at $59/month.  You keep the clothes for a month and send them back.  Also, if you love a piece in the box, just do not send it back and they will charge your credit card for it.  Using a service like this would be helpful if you like to stay in style but do not have the time to go shopping.  It would also help cut down on closet space and the need to be decluttering old clothes!

Which of these options resonates the most with you?  Have you tried any of these services and swear by them?  I would love to hear about it!


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