4 of My Top Books For Self Improvement

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There seems to be a lot of self-improvement books out there this days-no matter what kind of self-improvement you are looking for!  But, what about those of us who sometimes have a hard time staying motivated?  Or, what about those of us that are easily distracted?  No fear, there is hope for us too!

Self-Improvement Books

All the books on my list are books that I have personally read and feel strongly about.  I have not incorporated every idea they present, but I always take a lot away from them.  And trust me, some of the books here are effective even if you only take only one thing away from it and incorporate it into your life!  I have taken only one idea from one of these books in particular, but HOLLY COW has it made a difference in how I do things!  Can you take a guess which one it is?  Ps-These books are not in any certain order 🙂

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