My Kids Are Getting More of My Time, And Yours Should Too

Ugh, the weekly grind gets so long, and you just want to come home from work and have some “me” time!!

But, the kids are still awake, and not to mention, supper needs to be on the table in 10 minutes…

Your friend is texting you about something not important, and as much as you love her, really?  Right now?

Oh, and work today-ugh… I might not go back tomorrow-well if I didn’t need the paycheck I wouldn’t!

Yes, most days may not(or maybe they are) like this, but you get the drift.  Things seem like such a rush at night during the week, it is a wonder we have enough time to really get everything done.  I have thought about sleep training myself so I do not need more than four hours of sleep.  I haven’t figured that one out yet…

But, I cannot add more time to the day-I only have 24 hours-and as of right now I still need 8 hours of sleep to function.  I have started making changes in my life to start making more out of the time I do have.  I have found one that has really allowed me to spend more time with my kids, and it is so easy, you can incorporate it into your day.

Ready?… Put down your phone.

When I used to get home from work, I would be busy going through my personal emails-catching up on days worth of things that could wait.  Oh, and the social media- I had narrowed myself down to using only one social media platform, but then I would sit and scroll, scroll and scroll! Oh, and maybe I should call my sister and text back so and so.  Then-poopy- I need to get supper made and I didn’t even enjoy any time with my kids.  Then, eat supper and the rest of the night is spent getting the day wrapped up with them.

Putting down the phone is so much easier said than done, but it is important! I have weaned myself off of social media slowly. It is painful at first, but then I get to a place where I do not miss it, and actually feel happier without it. I have also set aside times of the day when I am going to use my cell phone-and these are times when I cannot be playing with my kids.

So, what has this lead to?  I get to push my kids on the swing for an extra five minutes- and they get all of my attention, not half of it.  Or, they can tell me a story and I am actually going to listen, not just do the “one ear and out the other.”

Does weaning yourself off your phone “scare” you or are you already doing it? What was or is the hardest part for you?


Things I Do To Make My Week Go More Smoothly

Ugh, Monday…Monday. (Are you singing with me?) or, should I say, hello Smonday

Mondays are typically rough even though I like where I work.  On the weekends, I get up within an hour of when I normally do, I think because I “have to” get up is why I despise it so much.  I would consider my self an early riser, except during the work week-during the work week I am not an earlier riser. Then when I finally get up and going, the week is go-go-go until the weekend comes.  The weekend is go-go-go on fast-forward, and don’t blink!

I have started trying to get some patterns down to make my week not as crazy(is there such a thing?).  I find if I can really prep for the week, I can start the week out a little calmer and not feeling so far behind.  Doing these small things have helped me feel like I have not had a such a successful Monday, even though, HEY, it’s Monday.

When I read around on the internet, I will see articles about how you should break up your cleaning during the week.  I have to disagree with this.  maybe I disagree because my house is smaller than the “average” sized house.  (On a side note, it is twice the size I used to live in-I think it is like 1,500-1,600 sq ft, so I am moving up in the world…)

I also do several other things that maybe would help you feel like you are starting off the week right:

  • Every Sunday I vacuum, sweep my floors, mop the floors, clean the toilets and showers. It takes me MAYBE 2 hours

    • I personally feel better about my week when my house is a little more put “together” during the beginning of the week.  I then just address chores around the house on an “as needed” basis during the week.
    • If you have large cleaning chores around the house you would like to do, break it into groups and do one group a weekend.  For example, I had Easter at my house this year and wanted to deep clean my house before hand.  I started with the bedrooms and least used bathrooms. I saved the rooms I know we use the most for last.
    • Helpful Hint: Have your kids chip in with age appropriate chores!  My daughter sweeps and cleans her counter top in the bathroom
  • Do most of your laundry towards the end of your weekend

    • My hampers are not full right away on Tuesday.  If I really need to do a load of laundry, I do not need to do it
      towards the end of the week, as I feel like I normally have more energy as the week draws to an end.

    • Helpful Hint: If your kids are old enough to fold/hang their pants, shirts or socks, let them!  It is a good life skill and it is a great way to help you out!  My daughter actually finds is to be fun…


  • On Sunday afternoon, get ready for your Monday morning

    • I get water bottles and my coffee cup ready to go.  If I have to pack lunches, I get them done.  This prevents a Sunday night rush!
    • Helpful Hint: Have your kids pick out their outfits for the week or even the next day.  Heck, if you want to be really proactive, pick out 5 outfits for yourself!
  • Recap with your significant other and/or children what you each have going on during the week

    • Look at the calendar and just take a moment to make sure everyone is in the loop of what is going on during the week.  This can help(but not prevent) someone from forgetting. If also can help communication in the household in general-and hey, whats wrong with that?



I challenge you to incorporate one or two of these things into your weekend to help with your week!



Why You Need a Kitchen Inventory

Get your notepad!  Time to take a kitchen inventory!!!

In my quest to cut my grocery budget, I decided I needed to an inventory of my freezer, spices and pantry items.  It really was not an exciting thing to do by any means, but my daughter helped and we got through it pretty fast!  It is also one of those things that after you finish doing it, you feel good about it, after all, it will probably save you time and money later!


I typically make a quick list when going to the grocery store, but my $50 trip quickly turns into $150 because I keep going there without a true plan in place.  I have been notorious for going to the grocery store and picking up extra things because I cannot remember if I have it on hand or not.  My spice cupboard is a clear example of this!  I have several bottles of the same spice due to my lack of planning.


The inventory has also been great because it has cut down on what I have been purchasing over the past month.  I have been forcing myself to get creative and clean out my cupboards and freezer.  I have been in desperate need to get my freezer cleaned out so I can defrost it since we are getting a 1/2 a cow.


Lastly, I have included a printable for you and your inventories!  The spice printable fits beautifully in my cupboard and I can quickly look to see what I have on hand or what I need to get more of.  I am going to keep my other inventories in my recipe binder I use for my meal planning.  This way I can easily see what I have on hand when I make my grocery list.

Happy Inventory Taking!

PS-If this seems like a large task, split it up and do on different days or at different times!

Get my Kitchen Inventory Printable here!


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You Were Always My Best

I remember those chilling words, they were from my dad, and I had let him down.

Thinking back to my younger years, I was always great with it. In fact, when I think back to it, I was always proud of how well I managed my money.  I knew how to save, how to pass on things I didn’t have money for and how to budget..  Then, I turned 18 and here comes the

predictable part, I let those darn credit cards get the best of me.  Not right away though, I was actually pretty good with plastic for the first few years.  Then you ask, well, um, what happened?! Many of us know what happens here, because many of us have fallen into that hole…(I am so happy I at least have some company).

After many years of crawling out, falling back in, almost getting out, and, well it becomes a yo-yo ride that becomes hard to get off of. HARD. Difficult.  Did I mention it is not easy?

Then, only about a year ago I was talking with my parents, happy I was out of my hole(yeah, I fell in the hole again) and my dad turns to me and said, “Jessi, you were always my kid that was good with money, you were always my best-I just don’t know what happened.”  Me–>**horrified and embarrassed**

You would think that comment there would be enough for me to kick it in to budgeting high gear.  Instead, my mind started racing on defense mode, what does he care?!  He’s not good with money, why should I be?  But, I let him down!  So, I am a big kid!  He’s right, what’s wrong with me?!

Overall, I have to say it is great that the comment has left me either-I view it as constructive criticism.  My thirties will be for getting my finances together. I have to, I WANT to get it together. They say couples fight most about money, well my man friend is a penny pincher(that is an understatement), and I envision this being a potential problem one day.  Do not get me wrong, I love to coupon, I absolutely love to get good deals and save money.  The problem is perhaps I buy too many great deals or can’t say no when I need to.  Also, “stuff”doesn’t equal much.  Most “stuff” doesn’t give you worth and I sometimes feel like, really, this is all I have to show for myself at this point in my life?

I am preparing things to start my budgeting future, and I am actually excited for it!  I would love for you to join my family and I on the adventure! But what inspires you to want to budget?