My First 2-Week Meal Plan Shopping Trip

Ok, I am excited, I’m sold!!!

Lately, I told you how I did my first meal plan for 2 weeks.  It wasn’t terrible to plan out, took about an hour, but let me tell you, every minute has been worth it so far!

After I did my meal plan shopping list, I added things to the list: diapers, lunch meat, cleaning supplies and all sorts of other random things…

So, last night the whole family jumped in the Ford and we went to Aldi’s and Walmart(and I made the man-friend take us out for supper-duh).  Let me tell you, it is so weird going shopping knowing exactly what you need to buy for the next two week.  I wasn’t walking around the store trying to see if there would be some options for meals for the next week.  Shopping for as much as we did took less time than I would have expected it to.

*Another Win*

The best part, after all of my shopping, I came in under-budget…and I bought a lot of stuff.  I bought almost $50 worth of diapers and still came in under my normal grocery budget for two weeks!!!  *WIN*

On a side note, I normally budget $125/week for our family of four’s groceries.  That also typically is just food, not many other things such as cleaning products, baby supplies, etc.  That is probably a high budget for a family of four, but for someone without a plan, it is probably average.

I now know that meal planning will be worth it just for the money it saved me.  After adding up all of my families food purchases,

I saved a week’s worth of grocery’s.  Now, I just did a job that made me $125 in exchange for an hour of my time.

SOLD. (can you tell I am excited?…)



Why You Need a Kitchen Inventory

Get your notepad!  Time to take a kitchen inventory!!!

In my quest to cut my grocery budget, I decided I needed to an inventory of my freezer, spices and pantry items.  It really was not an exciting thing to do by any means, but my daughter helped and we got through it pretty fast!  It is also one of those things that after you finish doing it, you feel good about it, after all, it will probably save you time and money later!


I typically make a quick list when going to the grocery store, but my $50 trip quickly turns into $150 because I keep going there without a true plan in place.  I have been notorious for going to the grocery store and picking up extra things because I cannot remember if I have it on hand or not.  My spice cupboard is a clear example of this!  I have several bottles of the same spice due to my lack of planning.


The inventory has also been great because it has cut down on what I have been purchasing over the past month.  I have been forcing myself to get creative and clean out my cupboards and freezer.  I have been in desperate need to get my freezer cleaned out so I can defrost it since we are getting a 1/2 a cow.


Lastly, I have included a printable for you and your inventories!  The spice printable fits beautifully in my cupboard and I can quickly look to see what I have on hand or what I need to get more of.  I am going to keep my other inventories in my recipe binder I use for my meal planning.  This way I can easily see what I have on hand when I make my grocery list.

Happy Inventory Taking!

PS-If this seems like a large task, split it up and do on different days or at different times!

Get my Kitchen Inventory Printable here!


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