Personal Chef, Maid, Nanny or Personal Shopper

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If you had to choose a personal chef, maid, nanny or personal shopper, which one would you choose?

Maybe your nights are crazy, so you would prefer a personal chef.  Maybe you weekends are already jam-packed with activities and it would be so helpful to have someone clean the toilets.  Or, having a nanny to watch your kids for just a few hours so you can go to the grocery store alone(and actually save money).  A personal shopper-enough said, how amazing would it be to not have to shop for clothing and/or groceries?!

What if I told you that these things are maybe more attainable and affordable than you thought?

I know that maybe doesn’t sound possible, but there are ways to have these things if you change your thinking about them!  If one of the options do not appeal to you, check out one of the others.    One thing to keep in mind with all of the options is this: Are there things you could cut out of your life to have things you would rather have?  For example, maybe try skipping getting take out one night for the extra funds to pay for something you would rather have! Another thing to keep in mind, what is your time worth?  You can’t buy time, but you can buy things that free up more of it.

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